Donde estés llegaré was the fourth single off Alexis y Fido’s album. Perrerología. The song is a mixture of urban and electronic sounds with a romantic message which is portrayed in this dynamic video, shot in exotic locations through out Latin America including Venezuela and Colombia. 

This was probably one of my most challenging video productions since the concept of the video required us to shoot in 4 different countries. We traveled to the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia and Death Valley, California to get these priceless backdrops. The production was done guerrilla style in really difficult areas…even taking us to Salto Angel, one of the highest waterfalls in the world.
Alexis y Fido were troopers, putting up with extreme environment so we could get the perfect shot. We also utilized the ARRI camera with a cineflex helicopter to get the sweeping views of this awesome locations.